Carton board mills

Carton board mills

A sustainable carton board value chain faces increasing customer and environmental efficiency demands. Accurate sheet counts and deliveries based on quantities rather than on weigth can contribute to this sustainability.

Function Control systems improve the service quality in the finishing department of the carton board mill by counting the amount of sheets in the skid and optionally marking reams in the preferred ream quantity.

The counting results can be stored in your database management system and used for accurate invoicing to your customers or to track and trace information concerning sheet quantities for specific customer orders.

For counting only requirements, the METRO IV MCS is available for stackheights up to 1.800 mm.

If you require ream marking, the METRO 4M and 4RM are available for you. Both systems have a laser marking unit that marks the reams without touching or damaging your high quality board. Lasermarking gives you the advantage of a permanent ream marking rather than removable tabs.

Laser ream marking is clean, smooth and quick.


The METRO IV is an optical sheet counter for carton board mills

Linear system for counting and marking 1 side of the stack

6 axis robot system for counting and ream marking multiple sides of the stack

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